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Melissa Foster is the real deal. Every day, she is out here, in the trenches, sleeves rolled up, cheerful and energetic, as she engages, supports, and creates. She is out in front, navigating the unknown, clearing a path, and setting up sign posts to ensure that all members of the self-published and indie published community have a clear opportunity to walk that same path.She is not just opening doors, she is installing them.” 
— Ashley Barron, The Priyas

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Surrender My Love
Surrender My Love hits USA Today Bestseller List.
Debuts at #20 in Women’s Fiction New Adult in Amazon US and #43 in Amazon CA, #32 in Romance in Amazon US, #96 in overall paid Kindle store Amazon CA and #24 in Contemporary Romance. #25 Women’s Fiction Amazon DE. #66 Nook, #14 overall at iBooks US, #11 Romance at iBooks US, #16 overall iBooks UK, #11 Romance iBooks UK, #10 overall at iBooks CA, #6 romance iBooks CA. #31 KOBO Contemporary Romance.

Wild Boys After Dark: Cooper
Wild Boys After Dark: Cooper debuts in the top 25 at Amazon US, CA, AU, UK, and Top 100 at Barnes and Noble and iBooks

Wild Boys After Dark: Jackson
Wild Boys After Dark: Jackson debuts in the top 25 at Amazon US, CA, AU, the top 30 Amazon UK, and Top 100 at Barnes and Noble and iBooks

Wild Boys After Dark: Heath

Wild Boys After Dark: Heath debuts in the top 100 at iTunes US, CA, and UK, and the top 15 in Romance Collections at Amazon US, CA, and AU.

Wild Boys After Dark: Logan

Wild Boys After Dark: Logan debuts at #1 in Romance and #3 of ALL books on iBooks CA, #1 in Romantic Suspense and #1 in Contemporary Romance in Amazon CA, #3 in Military Romance on Amazon US, and #15 on Barnes and Noble.

Seized by Love

Seized by Love hits USA Today Bestseller list
Debuts at #3 iBooks US in romance, #10 overall iBooks CA, #17 iBooks US, #10 iBooks CA, #10 Amazon romance anthologies, #10 contemporary romance

Cape Cod Promises

Cape Cod Promises hits the USA Today Bestseller list.
Debuts at #1 at Apple iBooks, is a top 15 bestseller at Kobo & Barnes & Noble, and hit the top 35 at Amazon

Cape Cod Kisses

Debuts as #1 on iBooks US, #1 iBooks CA, #5 iBooks UK, #38 Amazon US, #9 Amazon AU in romance, #14 Barnes and Noble, and #6 on Kobo in contemporary romance

Catching Cassidy

Silver medal winner in the 2015 Readers’ Favorite award for Realistic Fiction

Seaside Nights (Seaside Summers)

August 2015, debuts as USA Today Bestseller

Promise My Love

Debuts as #1 in Short Stories on Amazon

Discovering Delilah

Discovering Delilah releases at #1 in Lesbian Romance on Amazon US/CA/UK and #15 in Romance, iBooks

Healed by Love

June 2015, hits USA Today Bestseller List


May 2015, hits New York Times and USA Today Bestseller Lists two weeks in a row


Debuts on IndieReader’s bestseller list

Debuts as #1 Romance at Apple iBooks


Beck Valley Books Reviewers Favorite Series of 2014


Beck Valley Books Reviewers Favorite Mini Series from the Love in Bloom Series 2014

SEASIDE SECRETS (Seaside Summers)

2015 USA Today Bestseller


2015 USA Today Bestseller
January 2015, Amazon Editors’ Pick, Best Romance Books of The Month

ROMANCING MY LOVE (The Bradens), 2014 USA Today Bestseller

SEASIDE SUNSETS (Seaside Summers), December 2014, Amazon Editors’ Pick, Best Romance Books of The Month


2014 USA Today Bestseller
November 2014, Amazon Editors’ Pick, Best Romance Books of The Month
IndieReaders’ List That Counts

SLOPE OF LOVE (The Remingtons), 2014 USA Today Bestseller

HEARTS AT PLAY, Notable Book 2014, Shelf Unbound

SEASIDE HEARTS (Seaside Summers), USA Today Bestseller 2014

HAVE NO SHAME, New York Times & USA Today Bestseller 2014

SLOPE OF LOVE, USA Today Bestseller 2014

WHERE PETALS FALL, WINNER, GOLD MEDAL, Readers’ Favorite Awards, REALISTIC FICTION. FINALIST  2 categories (Fiction Drama, Fiction Suspense)

LOVERS AT HEART (The Bradens), WINNER, SILVER MEDAL, Readers’ Favorite Awards, Romance Contemporary

FRIENDSHIP ON FIRE (The Bradens), WINNER SILVER MEDAL, Readers’ Favorite Awards, Romance Sizzle

DESTINED FOR LOVE (The Bradens), WINNER, BRONZE MEDAL, Readers’ Favorite Awards, Romance Sizzle

HEARTS AT PLAY (The Bradens), WINNER, GOLD MEDAL, Readers’ Favorite Awards, Romance Sizzle

HAVE NO SHAME, moves on to the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in the category of General Fiction.


MEGAN’S WAY, WINNER, 2011 Beach Book Festival Award, SPIRITUALITY

MEGAN’S WAY, Finalist, 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Awards, NEW AGE

MEGAN’S WAY, Finalist, Readers Favorite Award, WOMEN’S FICTION

MEGAN’S WAY, Honorable Mention, New England Book Festival, SPIRITUALITY

CHASING AMANDA, WINNER, Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards, PARANORMAL


CHASING AMANDA, Finalist (2x), Readers Favorite Award, MYSTERY, WOMEN’S FICTION

CHASING AMANDA, Amazon Top 100 60+Days running, Indie Reader’s Bestselling List That Counts

CHASING AMANDA, Top Books of 2011, The Write Agenda

CHASING AMANDA, Top Books of 2011, Pixel of Ink

CHASING AMANDA, Finalist, Ebook Festival of Words Awards, 2012, Best Novel

COME BACK TO ME, Finalist, Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2012

COME BACK TO ME, Finalist, Readers Favorite Awards, 2012

COME BACK TO ME, Finalist, Kindle Book Review Best of Indie Book Awards, 2012 (Winner TBD Oct. 2012)

COME BACK TO ME, Top 5 Must Read Books of 2011, IndieReader

COME BACK TO ME, Top Ten Books of 2011, Tea Time With Marce

COME BACK TO ME, IndieReader Best Reviewed Books of 2011, Huffington Post

COME BACK TO ME, Perez Hilton’s Recommended List, 2011

MELISSA FOSTER, nominated for Shorty Award (Author) 2011

Versatile Blogger Award, One Lovely Blog Award,


PLEASE REFER TO MELISSA’S ARTICLES PAGE for more articles and mentions

TOUCHeD BY LOVE (The Remingtons) featured on USA Today Happily Ever After blog

Melissa Foster talks about her Valentine’s Day fantasies on USA Today Happily Ever After Blog

DARING HER LOVE (The Bradens) featured on USA Today Happily Ever After blog

FLAMES OF LOVE (The Remingtons) featured on USA Today Happily Ever After blog

Melissa Foster talks family, inspiration, and taking a dare with IndieReader

Melissa Foster announces IndieReader’s Discovery Awards at BEA, May 2015

Gay, Straight, or Lesbian – Is it really a choice? Read about the advice Melissa faced when writing Harborside Nights.

Writing Big-Family Romances on Amazon Kindle Post

Guerilla Marketing for Books on CNN Money

Melissa Foster on USA Today’s Happily Ever After Holiday Post

Agent Assisted Self-Publishing on The Alliance for Independent Authors

Melissa Foster noted as BRAVE

Porter Anderson mentions Melissa Foster, Writing On The Ether

Jane Friedman’s Blog, Guest Post: Agent-assisted self-publishing and the Amazon White Glove Program

Are Indie Authors Devaluing The Written Word? Alliance For Independent Authors

Melissa chats with literary agent and author, Andrea Hurst, Authornomics Blog, also on Publisher’s Marketplace

Klout, Kred, and Social Media Scoring, The Priyas 

MELISSA FOSTER featured on IndieReader


MELISSA FOSTER mentioned in an unsolicited blog post by Author Annamaria Bazzi

MELISSA FOSTER mentioned, Where The Gray Matter Pours Out

MEGAN’S WAY featured in Front Row Lit Magazine.

COME BACK TO ME, mentioned in Westchester Magazine by bestselling novelist, Darcie Chan

Mentioned: See Jane Publish

COME BACK TO ME reviewed in Hagerstown Magazine

Melissa Foster quoted in Hope Tour article.

Article referenced on Jane Friedman’s blog,

Why Indie Authors Aren’t Taken Seriously, article by Melissa Foster, Huffington Post.

Jane Friedman, quotes from Melissa’s article, Are eBooks Too Cheap, Indie Authors Debate the 99 Cent Price

CHASING AMANDA, Honest Indie Reviews

COME BACK TO ME, review, Rachelle Ayala

Celebrating WLC with author Stacy Eaton

Top Books of 2011, The Write Agenda, Chasing Amanda #2

Top 10 Books of 2011,  Pixel of Ink, Chasing Amanda

Tea Time With Marce, Top Ten Books of 2011

Author’s Den, Review of Come Back to Me, by Leslie Garcia

PlostForge, Nice People, They Are Out There, by John Brewer

Huffington Post, Are eBooks Too Cheap, Indie Authors Debate The 99 Cent Price, by Melissa Foster

USA Today’s book blog, Happily Ever After, features COME BACK TO ME

Review of Come Back to Me by, “Come Back to Me is perceptive and penetrating look at the intricacies of love, respect and relationships. Foster’s characters are solid; her writing style engaging and her story moving.”

Review of Chasing Amanda by IndieReader.comFoster captures the terror and fear of an abducted child as well as the passion and resolve of the woman who is driven to rescue her before it’s too late in this riveting, polished page-turner.” 

One Read At A Time Magazine, Author Feature

Working Mom Daily

Priya Blog

Working Mums, by Sally Dennehy

Herald-Mail, by Chris Copley

She Writes, by Bonnie Trachtenberg

Ebook Friendly, Bestselling Indie List

CHASING AMANDA and COME BACK TO ME, and AMAZON bestsellers (60+ days running) Indie Readers Bestseller List (7 weeks running)

CHASING AMANDA in Huffington Post

Clearing Your Chaos, Calgary’s Chld Magazine Nov/Dec 2011


Yahoo Associated Content, Chasing Amanda

Barnstable Patriot, features Megan’s Way

Hagerstown Magazine, features Chasing Amanda

Mommy Guilt, by Melissa Foster, September/October issue, Calgary’s Child Magazine (in print and online)

Gazette Newspaper, Aspiring Authors article, by Peggy McEwan

Lunch Network, Review of Megan’s Way, by Sheila Deeth

Bella Online Women’s Lit Site, Review, Chasing Amanda

Minds Eye Magazine Review of Megan’s Way

Mensa Bulletin, Review, Megan’s Way, Nov/Dec 2009

Bella Online Women’s Lit Site, Review, Megan’s Way

The Infinite Field Magazine, September 2009, pp. 30-31

The Maryland Gazette, September 9, 2009

Monocacy Monacle, September 11, 2009, pp3 & 21

Interviews with Melissa

This list will be updated monthly.

If you’d like to interview Melissa, or would like to invite her to visit with your group, please use the Contact form to send her an email.

Audio Interviews

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Listen to Melissa Foster’s interview with Kimberly Sherrell on Blog Talk Radio

Discover Entertainment Internet Radio with Kimberly Sherrelle on BlogTalkRadio
Listen to internet radio with Kimberly Sherrelle on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to Melissa Foster’s interview with Ella Sandwell, Author Hour (link below to hear audio)

Listen to Melissa Foster’s interview with Barry Allen, A Book And A Chat Radio Show

Listen to Melissa Foster’s interview with Fran Allen, Red River Writer’s Radio Show

Listen to internet radio with Red River Radio on Blog Talk Radio  

Interview, Keating Network, April 29, 2011. Listen to Archive

Listen to the Interview with Rita Schiano

Listen to Melissa’s Interview with The Authors Show


Melissa Foster joins EverAfter Romance

An Unforgettable Drama About Courage and Love, COME BACK TO ME

Self-Published Novel Gains Powerful Following: Soon to Be Motion Picture (attached, below)

Author Melissa Foster’s books, Chasing Amanda and Megan’s Way Nominated for Dan Poynter’s Global eBook Awards

Author Melissa Foster Kicks Off Blog Tour For New Release

Debut Novel, Megan’s Way, Moves Readers to Tears

New Author, Melissa Foster, Take Blog World By Storm

Melissa Foster, Author of Megan’s Way, Brings Unique View To Right-To-Die Issue on The Authors Show

Melissa Foster is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes contemporary romance, contemporary women’s fiction, suspense, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Her books have been recommended by USA Today’s book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the World Literary Café and Fostering Success.

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